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Donation Perks - Old thread, ignore

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Donation Perks - Old thread, ignore

Post by UnrealCorpse on Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:39 am

VIP Ranks:

All ranks inherit the ones before it. For example, VIP 3 inherits the perks of VIP 2 and 1.

VIP 1 - 1.00 GBP

Special rank and prefix in-game.
Access to the command /me (Speak in 3rd person, and in a different colour).
A personal thank you from me.
Access to the secret VIP room (Also includes a bar that sells special drinks, and a whole lot of other stuff).
Personal workbench (/workbench)
10 homes

VIP 2 - 5.00 GBP

Access to the command /sell (Sell items in your inventory)
Disguise as a pig.
Access to the most recent world download.
Regenerate your hunger bar. /feed

Disguise as a Stone, Dirt or Glass block! - NEW

Access to the command /jump
White text in chat

VIP 3 - 10.00 GBP

Fly at any time! /fly
Disguise as any passive mob (Not including disrupting things, for example massive slimes). /disguise
Repair any item. /repair
Heal yourself. /heal
Wear a block as your hat. /hat

VIP 4 - 15.00 GBP

Change the time! /day, or /night
Stop the bloodmoon! /Bloodmoon stop
Multicoloured nickname for the first buyer!
Access your crafting table anywhere! /wb
Access a personal chest anywhere! /chest

Prices and perks are subject to change without notice.


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