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Mod application

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Mod application

Post by stokesc on Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:20 am

What are you applying for: Server Mod
Name: Connor Stokes
IGN: stokesc
Age: 13
Time-Zone: GTM +0hrs
Language: English
Time been on IOTA: Three-four months (since the start)
Hours spent on IOTA a week: 21Hrs
Contact Details;

  1. Skype: connorstokes28
  2. Email one:
  3. Email two:

Why do you want to apply:
I want to apply since I think that on awecome I never got to show what I can do for a server, for IOTA.

How would be the biggest change you would bring to the server:
I would try and bring a lot more people into the server, which in turn would bring more donations. Meaning that we could upgrade.

What other benefits could you bring:
I could make people enjoy and stay on IOTA
I could make people have more fun
Even though I will be fun, I won't let Griefers, Hackers or Spammers get away
I would show the people of IOTA a more kids way of minecraft.

I have had experience on a few servers some of which are still up some of which are closed down. I have been Co-owner on two servers both of which are down. I was until last week admin on my 'mates' server (we fell out so he removed me as staff). And I am currently mod on a server which is still up and that I sometimes play, but our commands are limited to /fly /kick and /mute.

Do you know anything about plugins:
I have quite a lot of experience with plugins since as I said before I was admin for two months on my 'mates' server. In that time I tuck a while of studying the plugins on the server. So I have quite a wide knowledge of the command. Even if I don't know them off by heart.

Do you have any knowledge of coding:
I have some knowledge of coding, But that is HTML code. Nothing to do with minecraft. So sorry I wouldn't be able to make plugins.

Why should WE pick you to be staff:
You should pick me because I was a trusted member of awecome and I'm sure I am a trusted member of IOTA. I am already helping the server by building what might be the server shop. I am also sure I can help in many other ways. I am known by people and would be a vital member of staff.

Do you have any weaknesses:
At the moment I have no computer so I have to use my mums. This also means I am restricted to the times I can come on.
I am not the best builder but I am decent.
I have school which also delays my time on the computer.
(Please tell me if you think I am missing anything in this section).

Do you meet all of the requirements:
Yes apart from my grammar is not always the best.

Any other comments:
No not really.
Anything you would like to ask us:
If I was mod on the server am I also mod on the forum?

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