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How To Donate

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How To Donate

Post by UnrealCorpse on Sat Dec 14, 2013 4:39 am

This server costs money to host. With money through donations, I can do things such as:

  • Increase RAM (prevent lag)
    Buy a custom forum URL (for example,
    Keep the server running
    Buy a custom IP

Mainly, donated funds will go to the monthly cost of the server. My other priority would be increasing the RAM dedicated to our server (currently at 2 GB, soon to be upgraded).

I appreciate any donation, no matter how small. Also, as a thankyou you will get a special rank and permissions on the server.

How to donate:

The following instructions are for donation via Paypal. If you wish to donate with Bitcoin or real money, please PM me.

1) Click the Donate button on the sidebar.

2) Specify the amount you want to donate

3) Insert your Minecraft name in to the text box

4) Pay, and message me if you don't get your rank within 24 hours.

Terms of Service
Please read.

The below Terms of Service (ToS) are liable to change at any point in time without notification.
The payment is a donation. It is not a shop payment. You are not buying anything. You donate to the server's upkeep costs and as a thankyou, you (the donator) receive a special rank in-game. Refunds are not given. The only time there might be an exception is at my (UnrealCorpse, James) discretion.


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